Football's Talking Telephone Numbers

Posted Jun 2018

In football terms the World Cup will be won on the pitch. But in telecoms terms, the measure of how well a team is doing is less about the numbers on the pitch, and more about the numbers on the network – and with that in mind, the South Americans are winning this hands down.

Of course, it helps that the South American teams were not among the shock exits of the first two weeks – whereas champions Germany unexpectedly found themselves out even before the knock-out stage started. Nevertheless, regardless of progress on the pitches, the telephone numbers are clear. South American fans are arriving en masse in Russia and are staying for the duration.

We can say this with some certainty because our roaming value-added services solution is providing Welcome SMS messages and other roaming related services to our customers’ subscribers when they arrive in Russia.

From the traffic we are seeing it’s safe to say that the South American fans have travelled in vast numbers, visitors from countries such as Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and, of course, Brazil have provided colourful support in the stadiums and very heavy visitor traffic on Russian networks. On average the South American countries we see have sent 10 times the average number of visitors however it is Mexico who is leading the way with circa 30 times the average number, meaning they are in line to win our Golden Boot!

Across all the traffic it looks like the majority of fans arrive 2 days before their country’s game, presumably to enjoy the festival of football. What’s more, a huge number of the South American fans are still arriving. Those timing their arrival in the country to coincide with the third round of matches and the group stages that follow were obviously booking their travel in confident expectation of their country’s progression. However, fans only now arriving from Peru are destined to be disappointed – although they might have seen their country’s only win. Meanwhile, Argentina’s supporters survived a very close scare before their country’s passage into the last 16 was secured.

And of what of those countries closer to home. Take England as an example. The team’s surprisingly good form has led to an increase in UK visitors. Compared to the long distance South American fans, UK and European visitors tend to travel to Russia for a short break than an extended stay, but the numbers suggest that the England team will be well supported in their final group game on tonight.

As an international company, with international customers, we naturally wish all the teams the very best of luck. As a company based in Bristol, England, we are generous enough to wish Belgium good luck tonight; but forgive us if we wish the same for England a little bit more.

THE RESULTS ARE IN: We are pleased to announce that the winner of our presitigious Golden Boot Award is Brazil! Despite their football team being sent home from the tournament by Belgium in the quarter finals, Brazil surpassed Mexico in bringing more roaming subscribers to Russia than any other country. We were able to observe this via our suite of Roaming VAS solutions, which are currently live in multiple countries worldwide, enabling mobile operators to increase their revenue while providing optimal customer experience. Please note - Evolved Intelligence does not claim to see the entirety of the world's roaming traffic. This blog was intended as a lighthearted piece only, and only presents information based on the roaming traffic observed by Evolved Intelligence. For more information on our Roaming VAS solutions, please visit our website or email

(Please note - Evolved Intelligence does not claim to see the entirety of the world's roaming traffic - this blog was intended as a lighthearted piece only, and any information presented is not to be taken as factual).