Belize Telemedia Implements Evolved Intelligence's Border Roaming Control Solution and Increases Roaming Customer Base by 81% and Monthly Roaming Revenue by 79%

Posted Oct 2018

The Challenge

Belize Telemedia (BTL), a major Central American operator, was losing important revenue as well as having problems with delivering a high quality customer experience due to two issues with their roaming configuration. Customers living or travelling close to country borders were experiencing ‘accidental roaming’ - connecting to other networks without having crossed the border, while some customers found themselves unable to re-connect to their home network after roaming. As a result, BTL were missing out on a number of important revenue opportunities. Furthermore, Pre-Paid customers were not provisioned to roam, and had to specially subscribe to the Roaming Service in order to do so. This represented a significant portion of lost revenue for the network, as well as having a damaging effect on customer experience. An objective for this network going into 2016 was to automatically mass-provision roaming to all of their subscribers. However, in order to be able to do this, it was imperative that the network first gain full and effective control of their border roaming traffic.

The Solution

Evolved Intelligence’s National and Border Roaming Management Solution directly targets subscribers who are failing to return to their home network, as well as subscribers living or travelling close to borders who are unintentionally connecting to other networks. The Evolved Intelligence solution is managed completely via the signalling network, with no apps or SIM applets required to be installed on any device. The solution takes full advantage of our team’s extensive and industry-leading experience in signalling, enabling a unique and well-tested approach to solving roaming problems. The solution is offered as a managed service, with minimal CAPEX investment and a monthly fee depending on the unique roamers seen by the system.

The Result

Through working with the network’s signalling partner, Evolved Intelligence was quickly able to deploy and implement their solution to correct these problems. The solution ensured that subscribers were brought back onto their home network as soon as home coverage was obtained, as well as putting an end to instances of accidental roaming. The customer experience was optimized as Subscribers’ confidence in their network was greatly increased and instances of accidental roaming were reduced. This in turn allowed the operator to complete their objective of mass provisioning their roaming services to all of their subscribers, both pre and post-paid. As a result, the network’s roaming customer base increased by 81%, and the roaming revenue grew 79% on average per month, meaning there was an immediate return on investment for this operator.