Tier 1 African Mobile Operator Uses Roaming Insight to Resolve Major Issues With Roaming Partners and Boost Roaming Revenue

Posted Oct 2018

The Challenge

This major African mobile operator suspected they were not getting all of the inbound roaming subscribers that they should. Revenue targets were being missed. They suspected that some of their preferred partners were actually steering against them. In some cases this included operators who were part of the same multi-national group as themselves. However they could not prove this and had no information to use to understand or resolve the problem.

The Solution

Roaming INSIGHT gave the roaming team a full view of attempted attachments from all subscribers from their roaming partners arriving in the country. This included subscribers who were being steered away by their home networks. Roaming INSIGHT showed then which partner operators were steering their subscribers away and by how much. This was directly compared against the agreed levels of business to be expected from each partner. Implementing Roaming INSIGHT was simple. Data was sampled from existing probes provided by the international signalling provider and fed to Evolved Intelligence’s cloud based server. No additional software or hardware was required in the operator’s network.

The Result

The roaming team was then able to approach each partner operator in turn, present the evidence, gain commitment to resolve the problem, and monitor the progress of their partner in real time. Two months after first using Roaming Insight, this African Tier 1 operator had resolved all of these roaming issues, and has seen a substantial increase in inbound roaming revenues. In addition, they are now able to proactively monitor the situation and ensure that these revenues are preserved. Return on investment for the use of Roaming INSIGHT has been proven on this issue of monitoring roaming steering alone.