UK Reverses Decline in Roaming

Posted Oct 2018

UK Based Group Operator Reverses Decline in Roaming Revenues and Improves Customer Experience

The Challenge

This UK based mobile operator (part of an international group) was suffering from declining roaming revenues from both inbound and outbound subscribers. Existing systems could not provide the information they needed to identify the issues and there was no way in which roaming partners could be monitored as to how outbound roamers were being serviced. In addition, there was no dynamic method of steering away from non-preferred roaming partners.

The Solution

Initially Evolved Intelligence won a competitive tender to provide a signalling based steering solution, offering a hosted (cloud based solution) instead of a traditional turn-key deployment. The solution went live quickly and achieved immediate results. Evolved Intelligence was then asked to undertake a comprehensive Roaming Health-check in order to address issues with inbound roamers. By monitoring both SS7 signalling traffic over a period of two weeks, and simultaneously monitoring the capability of the radio access network a complete report on the experience of inbound roaming subscribers was produced highlighting a number of issues, along with recommendations to solve them. One of these recommendations was to deploy an analytics platform to continually monitor these issues – Roaming Insight.

The Result

Both solutions – Roaming Insight and Roaming Steering – were rapidly deployed – going live in a matter of weeks. The results were significant, with a reversal of the falling roaming revenue and an ability to negotiate better agreements with roaming partners around the world. The solution has been live since 2009 and the operator has now enthusiastically deployed other solutions from Evolved Intelligence including Welcome SMS, Virtual Home Environment and SMS Fraud Prevention.