US Operator Solves National Roaming Challenges and Reduces Costs by over 25% by Deploying EI’s SoR and National Roaming Management Service

Posted Oct 2018

The Challenge

This Tennessee based local carrier partners with two large US tier 1 mobile operators in order to provide solid coverage outside their own radio coverage area. Their challenge has been two-fold. (1) One of these operators offers a significantly cheaper service and so – where coverage exists, it is important that national roaming subscribers use the less expensive operator. (2) The other issue is the failure to return subscribers to the home network when back in coverage, sometimes referred to as in-market roaming. The larger operators typically keep hold of national roaming subscribers, costing the local carrier significantly.

The Solution

Initially, Steering of Roaming was quickly deployed to ensure that the cost optimal network was favoured when its subscribers were in a national roaming situation. This worked very effectively – and within days of go-live it became clear that the costs of national roaming had dropped significantly. Shortly after the deployment of SoR the National Roaming Management Service was introduced. This service added the ability to bring back subscribers, preventing the larger operators holding on to subscribers when back in the local carrier’s coverage. The service was delivered through EI partner Transaction Network Services (TNS), taking advantage of EI’s technology installed within their signalling network.

The Result

Roaming Steering – was rapidly deployed – going live in a matter of weeks. The results were significant, with a large drop in national roaming costs. With the introduction of the national roamer reclaim service, the drop in national roaming costs, over the year to April 2016 since go-live, has exceeded 25%. And customer experience has been excellent. The customer has been delighted with the solution.