Evolved Intelligence launches “next generation” optimal routing for voice mail access when roaming

Posted Nov 2010

Evolved Intelligence, the next generation IN company, has launched what it calls a “next generation” optimal routing system for roaming subscriber voice mail access. When someone calls a roaming subscriber and the call is routed to voicemail, an international leg is first set up to reach the handset and, when this is not answered a second international leg is set up back to the voice mail box. Hence two costs are incurred in this so called voice mail access “trombone”. EU legislation effectively prohibits operators from passing these costs on to consumers and regulators in other countries are expected to follow suit.

Evolved Intelligence’s “VMTE” solution represents a great improvement on existing systems. It uses an innovative approach to offer a solution for both pre-paid and post-paid subscribers. To date this has been difficult to achieve through other methods.

The system also has a number of other advantages over previous solutions.

Says Evolved Intelligence’s CTO, Nick Jones: “Our solution offers a number of advantages that have proven to be very important for operators. This includes the fact that the system can interwork with roaming partners that have neither CAMEL nor the “resume call handling” implemented in their network. Our VMTE system also remembers the B party number. Often this number can be lost in the process with the result that the caller is asked to enter the number of the person they are calling again. These various functional advantages mean that our VMTE system is significantly more effective that existing solutions”

The VMTE service runs on the Evolved Intelligence ENGINE platform. This runs a variety of other services on a single platform. As well as other roaming services such as Welcome SMS, steering, dialled number correction and SS7 analysis, the ENGINE platform can also run applications for messaging, pre-pay, VPN and virtual PBX. Evolved Intelligence also offers a custom development service to provide tailored solution for specific needs.

VMTE is also available as a remote managed service.