Managed Application Service To Expand Options and Reduce Costs For Mobile Operators

Posted Nov 2009

Evolved Intelligence, the next generation IN company, has launched a managed application service for mobile operators called “Remote ENGINE”. The applications available cover roaming, messaging, pre-pay and a number of other areas. Access to the applications is provided by a network interface functions (NIF) which is attached to the operator’s network and which itself connects with one of Evolved Intelligence’s remote servers via IP. The service is, claims the company, an answer to the operators’ need to launch new applications at a time when capital expenditure is constrained. The commercial model is based upon a set up fee plus a monthly fee based on the number and type of applications used together with the peak system capacity required.

Says Evolved Intelligence’s Marketing Director, Robin Burton: “Our service offers operators access to a library of applications. These applications can be implemented rapidly and at low cost. This means that the entry cost for launching a new service can be very low indeed. Operators can test out the value of new services without having to make a big up front investment. It also means that smaller operators can afford to launch applications which previously would have been too expensive.”

The service uses Evolved Intelligence’s “ENGINE” architecture. This provides a multi-tenanted and multi-application environment. It is also an open environment which allows third party applications to be hosted. This expands the range of applications available and also, claims Evolved Intelligence, sets the operator free from “vendor lock in”>

Says Robin Burton: “Our services allow operators to locate a wide range of applications in one place. These might be third party applications or they could be applications written by the operator’s own team. This allows operators to tidy up all of those applications that are currently located on individual systems, saving money and improving system resilience at the same time.”

Evolved Intelligence has already developed a wide range of services including roaming steering, welcome SMS messaging, SMS fraud management and optimal routing. New application development is also available for bespoke applications. Operators using the managed service can, if they wish at a later time, implement their own ENGINE platform and move all of the applications in house.