New Evolved Intelligence VMTE service eliminates voice mail “trombone” costs for operators

Posted Jul 2009

Evolved Intelligence, the next generation IN company, has launched a new voice mail trombone elimination (VMTE) service to help operators to avoid the costs associated with “tromboning” when the voice mail box of a roamer is accessed. “Tromboning” occurs because, when a call is placed to a roamer who is abroad, an international leg is first set up to reach the handset, when this is not answered a second international leg is set up back to the voice mail box. Hence two costs are incurred. A similar issue occurs when calls are forwarded to a domestic number when the subscriber is roaming.

With the expectation of EU legislation which may effectively prohibit operators from passing these costs on to consumers, this issue has achieved a new focus in the mobile communications industry.

Says Evolved Intelligence’s CTO, Nick Jones: “Estimates for the total costs incurred through voice mail tromboning vary. However, they are generally accepted as being somewhere in the range of €100 to €200 million annually for operators in Europe. Operators can suffer from consumer dissatisfaction if they attempt to pass the cost on. Although incipient legislation has brought the issue into the sharpest focus for European operators, this is an issue for any mobile operator.”

The new service can be deployed by any operator that has CAMEL implemented within its system. However it does not require CAMEL to be implemented by roaming partners. This functionality allows the system to be deployed quickly and easily.

The VMTE service runs on the Evolved Intelligence ENGINE platform. This runs a variety of other services on a single platform. As well as other roaming services such as Welcome SMS, steering, dialled number correction and SS7 analysis, the ENGINE platform can also run applications for messaging, pre-pay, VPN and virtual PBX. Evolved Intelligence also offers a custom development service to provide tailored solution for specific needs.

VMTE is also available as a remote managed service.