Silent Roamer Reporting Launched by Evolved Intelligence

Posted Jun 2015

Evolved Intelligence, the network value added services company has announced an upgrade to its Roaming INSIGHT analysis system to identify “silent roamers”.

As roaming revenues are increasingly squeezed, many operators are now looking at areas where they can find more revenue. One place to look for extra revenue is from the so called “silent roamer”. This is a roamer who attaches to a network but makes no calls and uses no data services.

Roaming INSIGHT gives a full report on “silent roamers” showing where they come from or, for outbound roamers, where they have gone to, how long they stay in the network and whether they have been seen before. It provides a full list of “silent roamer” numbers which can then be used for marketing research and messaging campaigns.

Says Jon Neighbour, Channel Development Manager for Evolved Intelligence: “Silent roamers are one of the key areas to look at for more business. Together with missing connections, missing agreements and roaming partner behaviour analysis, they can provide a valuable source of extra business for mobile operators. Roaming INSIGHT provides you with a continuous feed of silent roamers who can then be targeted for messaging campaigns”

Roaming INSIGHT is available as a remote managed service. The company also offers health check surveys carried out by Evolved Intelligence staff to provide a snapshot of roaming health at a particular point in time.

Roaming INSIGHT is also offered via Evolved Intelligence’s signalling partners. These include Syniverse, TNSI and Comfone.