Managed Service

We offer a remote managed and hosted option which fits well with operators looking to minimise cost and complexity.

This option is ideal for those looking for:

  • Low cost solutions
  • A rapid implementation
  • Quick access to value added services
  • Low operational overhead
  • Those already connected to our partner signalling providers

Low Cost

The overall costs are reduced because you are sharing a large part of the system infrastructure with others. The system optimisation and maintenance is carried out for you by our specialist team who also manage any system upgrades or improvements without the need for any downtime or cost on your part. Taking into account all of the elements of cost, the hosted solution can even be cheaper in terms of OPEX as there is no need for local system management or maintenance.

A Rapid Implementation

We will deploy a network interface function or NIF. This is a system which is connected locally to your network to monitor messages and, in certain cases, redirect messages and manipulate their contents. NIFs are designed to look out for messages that are of relevance to the applications which you are using and only pass these back to our central application server hosted in our data centre. This minimises the amount of messaging traffic required to operate the applications.

Quick Access to Value Added Services

More capacity and more functionality can be easily added once you are connected to our managed service. This can be done without the need for any personnel to visit on site and usually is completed within a few days.

Once you have roaming steering in place, for example, then other services such as welcome messaging, dialed number correction or optimal routing whilst roaming, can be added within days.

If you wish, your applications can be migrated to your own in house system in the future. Choosing to use our remote managed option in no way restricts your options for the future.

Via Signalling Partners

If you are working with one of our signalling partners already, such as Syniverse, TNSI or Comfone, then many services can be implemented with a simple remote configuration. There is not even a need for one of our engineers to visit. These “soft touch” services include Welcome SMS, Roaming Steering, Dialed Number Correction (VHE), Signalling Firewall and Roaming Insight.