Turnkey Standalone Solution

A Turnkey Standalone solution is ideal for:

  • Situations where you want your own team to manage the applications
  • Situations where you require special solutions and in house developments
  • Very large scale requirements
  • Operator group environments

Our turnkey solution is the same ENGINE platform we use for hosted solutions. It is massively scalable and capable of handling multiple applications simultaneously. ENGINE offers true multi tenancy, allowing you to divide up services for different operators within a group. Integration into your network for a group of operators, can be via a central or local Network Interface Function (NIF) or a combination depending on local operator needs.

All of our roaming, fraud and security products are available on the ENGINE turnkey platform. Additionally new bespoke services can be developed using our SLEE. For our firewall and fraud products new rules can also be created by yourself or Evolved Intelligence using our rules engine. The ENGINE platform and products can be operated on standard hardware or run on virtualised machines in a private cloud.