SS7 & Diameter Fraud & Security Solutions

We can protect your network against fraudulent attacks and privacy breaches across the full range of signalling threats identified by GSMA e.g. in FS11 and IR82, including those requiring more complex Category 3 stateful checks such as location and velocity. Drawing on our extensive experience in both telecoms and banking, we are able to clearly distinguish between legitimate and malicious signalling, and provide your network with the means to take appropriate action.

Our flexible and configurable rules are able to adapt to all local environments. Our powerful analytics, intuitive UI and flexible rule implementation allow new threats to be identified and addressed quickly and easily. We can also detect and protect against the bypass of the correct routes for A2P messaging and SMS spam and ensure you achieve the appropriate revenue for your A2P traffic. We process over 10 billion signalling messages every single day, and our proven, scalable solution is live in many regions, including with a number of Tier 1 Operator Groups.

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