At Evolved Intelligence we believe that a firewall to manage malicious signalling going into and out of your network is essential. For a mobile operator, protecting the network and subscribers from privacy breaches, fraud and spam is paramount in order to prevent lost revenue, fines and claims for damages, all of which can have dire consequences for brand reputation and consumer loyalty. Regulators aware of the threat posed to national communication networks are demanding that operators ensure adequate protection is in place.

We offer a proven, multi-protocol SS7 & Diameter Signalling Firewall which draws on our extensive experience in both telecoms and banking. We are able to clearly distinguish between legitimate and malicious signalling, providing your network with the means to take appropriate action and keep subscribers safe.

Our Experience

We are the market’s leading SS7 & Diameter Signalling Firewall supplier and are currently enabling two of the largest global mobile network groups to protect their subscribers in multiple countries around the world. In addition, our SMS Firewall Solution is currently supporting a major Tier 1 operator group.

Our Signalling Firewall is a result of our 10-year heritage in understanding and managing SS7 messages in both roaming VAS and banking. Processing many billions of messages every day has given us profound insight into signalling messages so we can accurately identify and separate unusual but legitimate messages from malicious ones.

We have a long and successful history of solving problems for our customers using our innovative architecture, cloud based managed services and patented solutions supported by signalling experts.

We continue to work closely with organisations such as the GSMA, CFCA and ETIS, helping to develop new standards and shape the future of the Telco industry.

Our Market Success

In 2017, independent research by Telecom specialists ROCCO placed Evolved Intelligence as the market leader for mobile network signalling security firewalls based on feedback from 57 mobile operators worldwide. MNO quotes described Evolved Intelligence:

'Excellent leader in Firewalls'

'They have a great reputation and we are always inspired with how much intelligence information they have'

'Strong leadership in Signalling and Firewalls'

2018 Winner of a GLOMO award at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, for Best Supplier of Mobile Network Security Solutions.

'Supporting both group & individual operator requirements, this delivers excellent levels of protection while requiring no replacement or upgrade as networks evolve. Protecting against fraud, it enables operators to provide security as a standard part of their service' GLOMO Awards Judge

Signalling Security Timeline

The following timeline contains some of the key milestones over the last 10 years, from signalling vulnerabilities first being publicly discussed to examples where criminals have exploited these weaknesses. It demonstrates the importance of taking steps to protect the mobile network.

2008: First public disclosure - Tobias Engel, Chaos Computer Club, 'Locating Mobile Phones using SS7'

July 2010: The Carmen Sandiego Project shows how an individual can be tracked

August 2014: For Sale: Systems that can secretly track where cellphone users go around the globe

December 2014: Chaos Communication Congress, Hamburg - Karsten Nohl

August 2015: 60 Minutes show in Australia hacks Senator Nick Xenophon

April 2016: 60 Minutes show in US hacks Congressman Ted Lieu

May 2016: Researchers demo how to hack WhatsApp, Facebook & Telegram

March 2017: Fraudulent exploits of SS7 on the rise: get your firewalls and filters in place now

March 2017: Federal Communications Commission - US Congress reports SS7 recommendations

May 2017: O2 Germany customers have their bank accounts emptied because of SS7 flaw

June 2017: Tor Hidden Service exposed for offering ongoing access to telecom private SS7 Networks for £500 a month

September 2017: Senator Demands Answers From Telecom Giants on Phone Spying

September 2017: Did Mexico Drop $5 Million On This 'Unlimited' Uber-Stealth Spy Tech?

March 2018: How hackers are hijacking your cellphone account

May 2018: How spies can use your cellphone to find you – and eavesdrop on your calls and texts, too

October 2018: Privacy Commissioner calling on wireless networks to plug security gap

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