SS7 & Diameter Firewall

Our SS7 & Diameter Signalling Firewall is based on proven technology that not only provides complete protection across the full range of signalling threats identified by the GSMA, but also goes above and beyond their recommendations. Our Signalling Firewall is designed to support both group & individual operator requirements, as well as requiring no replacement as networks evolve.

Product Features


Proven technology that goes beyond GSMA recommendations to give you the most innovative signalling firewall solution. Full FS.11 & FS.19 Rule set is pre-populated.


Our analytics tools identify the origins of new threats and allow you to quickly react. These tools provide full signalling trace drill down into unusual traffic, message patterns and volumes that are a signature of potential attackers.


Our intuitive user interface enables new rules to be easily added or updated in order to quickly address fresh threats.


Our SS7 & Diameter Signalling Firewall can be deployed in multiple ways: as a managed service, remote hosted, turnkey, or via our signalling partners. The multi-tenant and distributed architecture allows for a cost-effective solution.


Based on a resilient, flexible and cost-effective platform which currently manages over 12 billion MSUs per day worldwide.


SMS A2P and additional VAS services are available via modules on the same platform.

'We implemented the Evolved Intelligence Signalling Firewall in April 2017 as one element of our security strategy and our commitment to protecting customers’ communication from signalling attacks and fraud scenarios. It is deployed centrally with options of local enhancements and will serve all of our European networks. The firewall is already live in most of these networks, and each is able to implement its own rules and adaption of customized solutions. Since its deployment, the firewall has successfully blocked millions of category 1, 2 and 3 threats to our networks and customers. In particular, none of our customers were impacted by this year’s major banking fraud, which intercepted two-factor authentication text messages. Evolved Intelligence quickly addresses new threats and effectively provides new functionalities. Our state-of-the-art solution provides our valued customers with the best security and fraud protection'. Deutsche Telekom AG

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