Signalling & Roaming Analytics

An essential tool for operators who want to increase roaming revenue, maximise system performance and outperform competitors. Roaming Insight has a market leading user interface designed to make it quick to identify usage trends, signalling threats and performance issues in signalling connections including MAP, CAMEL and GTP.

Insight provides clear and detailed reports on your network’s roaming environment, looking at both inbound and outbound subscribers. Reports can then be provided to partners, senior management and engineering teams. Any technical faults that are affecting subscriber attaches become easily identifiable and quantifiable, allowing the necessary steps to be taken to fix them. Roaming Insight’s reports are processed in real-time, allowing for immediate issue diagnosis. Having this dedicated and up-to-date overview of what is happening in your network gives you the ability to provide the highest standard of customer care. It can also reveal which potential customers have been unable to connect to your network, allowing you to qualify opportunities.

Having a dedicated roaming analytics tool like Insight is also essential for pro-active management of your network’s roaming partners. Insight’s reports can keep you informed of any anti-steering practices being employed by your roaming partners against you. By providing you with concrete data, Insight makes it much easier to address issues such as missing CAMEL agreements, call setup problems and misdialling, thus giving you all the tools you need to take steps to boost your roaming business.

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