Benefits of Roaming Analytics

  1. Real time access to all broken connections in your roaming network means you can easily identify these subscribers and make the necessary changes so they can attach to your network. It shows how many subscribers are affected by each issue.
  2. Improve your quality of customer care with immediate issue diagnosis. Insight gives you a real-time overview of what is happening in your network, giving you the opportunity to see developing trends and act accordingly.
  3. Pro-actively manage your roaming partners. Insight will show when and how much they are steering against you, including any potential anti-steering practices. It will also show how addressing issues such as the lack of CAMEL agreements, call setup problems or misdialling could boost the business that you do together.
  4. Understand your potential customer and find new revenue opportunities. Insight can tell you which subscribers had problems connecting to your network, helping you to make the changes necessary to capture previously lost revenue.
  5. Full trace information for partners and engineering teams, saving time and minimising mistakes.
  6. Clear and detailed reports for roaming partners, roaming business teams, engineering teams and senior management.
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