How It Works

Roaming Insight provides answers automatically in real time. It uses a combination of innovative database technology and unique signalling based application level knowledge.

The advanced database technology uses an approach similar to that deployed in Internet search engines to extract and organise the torrent of data contained within signalling. This allows data searches to be carried out quickly.

Our unique application level knowledge is then applied. Our team has many years’ experience in developing active applications such as roaming steering, prepaid roaming and signalling fraud management. This makes us well placed to understand what different signalling patterns mean. We can, for example, identify non-standard forms of steering, isolate CAMEL messages related to pre-pay and highlight different forms of SMS fraud.

Signalling Data Collection

We collect data from your signalling network. You can use one of our network interface functions (NIFs), which are easily connected. These also equip your network for other services such as Steering of Roaming or Welcome SMS. Customers of our signalling partners such as Syniverse, Comfone and TNSI may already have a NIF connected to their network and can therefore immediately access the service.

Alternatively, you may have an existing probe from which we can take a feed, or another node which will allow us to load our passive probe software. This software has been designed to ensure that no messages are lost. This is a vital feature, especially when some analyses requires that we prove the absence of certain messages in the stream.

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