Roaming VAS Solutions

Our wide range of value added services are designed to help you get the best from your roaming business. They will give you the means to boost revenue, maximise margins and improve customer experience.

Roaming steering is essential for any competitive roaming service provider. In designing our service we focused on maximising profit and delivering a good customer experience. For example, aggressive steering even where the network is poor is not good for anyone. Damped steering avoids unnecessary steering and our “free pass” feature reduces steering where this risks delivering a poor network quality, or delay in acquiring a network.

Welcome SMS and Virtual Home Environment (VHE) are essential tools for creating a customer experience which will encourage usage and ensure a positive experience. Studies indicate that 6% of roaming calls are not completed so a service such as Virtual Home Environment which helps subscribers, especially inexperienced ones, by proactively correcting dialled numbers is essential.

Silent roamers are a particular challenge for any operator. Our services help you identify these customers and take action to increase usage.

In an ever changing world, border and national roaming issues increasingly cause customer dissatisfaction, customer service costs and lost revenue. Our solutions prevent accidental roaming and eliminate subscriber ‘kidnapping’ for national roaming which improves the customer experience and removes unnecessary costs.

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