Border & National Roaming Management

The border areas of coverage, whether national or regional, pose special problems for operators. Border roaming issues can cause customer dissatisfaction, customer service costs and lost revenue.

Accidental Roaming

A customer located near an international border may lose coverage on your network even briefly and be acquired by one of your roaming partners as coverage inevitably leaks across geographic borders.

This may cause customers to get unexpected high roaming bills leading to dissatisfied customers, poor publicity, and customer service costs. Conversely it may lead to customers turning off roaming to avoid accidental roaming, and then not making roaming calls when they otherwise would with consequential loss of revenue. For 'roam like home' tariffs or areas (such as the EU), customers will not care when they are border roaming. They will no longer pay for roaming but it will increase your roaming costs.

Our service recognises that your customer is on a border cell and allows you to decide what happens next. You could delay updating onto the roamed network to allow reconnection to home, request confirmation or simply block or limit roaming services in defined geographic areas.

Returning Roamers

Often returning roamers are retained by your roaming partners even though they have returned to an area with full coverage from your home network. This can also cause customer dissatisfaction in international roaming. For 'roam like home' tariffs it causes no customer relations issues, because usually the customer is paying the same rate whether he is using your network or your roaming partners. However it may well cost you a great deal in unnecessary roaming fees.

In this case our service detects that the handset could be in range of home network coverage and sends a command to prompt it to scan and look for the home network. Please call us to discuss your particular border issues.

National Roaming Management

  • Minimise your national roaming costs
  • Eliminate subscriber “kidnapping”

Home is Always Best

You want your subscribers to always use the best available network. Ideally this should be your own network; the home network.

When they are roaming, you are paying partners to carry their traffic for you. When they are roaming within the country, you cannot normally recoup this cost from the subscriber himself.

So, if they are within coverage, you want them to use your network rather than your partners. You want them to come home.

Subscriber Kidnapping

Your subscribers can be retained on your partner’s network even when they are within coverage of yours. This happens because live data sessions inhibit rescans of the phone. Unless your subscriber loses coverage from your partner network, or switches his phone off, he may never return to the home network.

If your roaming partner has a significant overlap of coverage with your network, the cost to you can be considerable.

Bring Your Subscriber Home

Our National Roaming Management service solves this problem and brings your subscribers “home” when they are within coverage of your network.

The service monitors subscriber’s location and, when the service thinks that the subscriber might be within home network coverage, issues a command to initiate a re-scan and allows the phone to connect to the home network.

Lower Costs, Higher Profits

Depending on your network and the degree of overlap from roaming partners, the payback on our service can be significant. Some customers report 25% saving on roaming partner costs.

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