Roamer Service Control

Once your subscriber has been steered to the roaming partner of your choice, Roamer Service Control (RSC) allows you to decide which of the roaming partner’s services they can actually use.

This means that you can dynamically decide whether your subscriber can use voice, GPRS data, 3G data, LTE, MMS etc.

Key Roamer Service Control Features:

  • Uses network signalling; no SIM applet required
  • Available as remote managed service or as turnkey solution
  • May be implemented without additional hardware or software in your network depending on your current signalling provider

You can determine whether subscribers are connected to each service based upon a variety of criteria. These include:

  • Location e.g. determined from the cell site your subscriber is connected to
  • Technology e.g. 3G network service
  • Operator
  • Type of subscriber e.g. pre-pay tariff

This can address a wide range of challenges.

Roamer Service Control Sample Use Cases

Remove Access to High Cost Data Service

The use of standard retail prices for roaming services is increasing. Consumers like to know exactly what they will pay. Providing such a pricing scheme reduces their worries and therefore leads to greater overall usage.

However not all roaming partners charge the same price. You may want to allow access to a roaming partner’s voice service but not to their data service or vice versa. Alternatively you may want to only allow access to a lower performance and lower cost version of a service e.g. 2G data service rather than 3G.

RSC allows you to dynamically manage this for individual subscribers. So you could, for example, offer connection to these services for subscribers on a different pricing plan which charges a sufficient rate to cover the costs involved.

Stop Your Customers Using Services for Which You Cannot Bill

When a connection is first made to a roaming network, a PDP context is set up in preparation for a data session. This is charged for. It is expected that the cost will be recouped once subscribers start using data services.

However the subscriber may not have sufficient credit to access the service. This leads to repeated attempts to set up PDP contexts and significant cost without any billable service usage to offset that cost.

Disable Roaming in Specific Areas

There may be specific places where you want to block access to roaming services. For example you may have set up an MVNO service in a specific area which is also served by roaming partners.

RSC allows you to disable roaming service based on the identity of the serving cells in the area desired. Roaming service outside of these areas continues without interruption.

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