Inbound Silent Roamer Management

If roamers don’t make calls, send texts or use data, you won’t be making any money from them. This may include large numbers of “Internet of Things” devices which use your signalling but seldom, if ever, make calls or use significant data.

Our solution first helps you to identify those roamers who are “silent”. “Silent” roamers can be defined by you in terms of usage thresholds on voice, text and data.

Our solution then helps you to take action. Inbound silent roamers can, if you desire, be denied access to your network. This leaves room for more active and more profitable customers.

Outbound roamers can be classified into groups such as those with data roaming turned off, or those only sending text. These subscriber lists can then be uploaded to campaign management systems to stimulate usage via appropriate text or email offers.

Inbound Roamers

We don’t believe in anti-steering. We don’t offer anti-steering products.

We do believe in maximising inbound roaming revenue.

Our inbound roamer management service allows you to monitor the types and volumes of customers you receive from roaming partners to determine whether you are getting the percentages agreed and the right traffic profile. We give you the capability to choose whether to accept for example an M2M device at the expense of a high value roamer.

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