Steering of Roaming for LTE, 3G and 2G Networks

Roaming steering is essential for any competitive roaming service provider. It lowers your costs, helps you to safeguard the quality of experience of your customers and allows you to fulfill your promises to partners. It has a high return on investment.

In designing our service we focused on maximising profit and delivering a good customer experience. Key functionality includes:

2G, 3G and 4G steering

Support for 2G, 3G and 4G networks including VoLTE, circuit switched fallback and call continuity.

Configurable targets for different subscribers and networks to maximise profitability

Subscriber groups can be defined or imported from CRM, each with full flexibility in steering targets and configuration. Each network and technology can have different volume or attach time steering targets. This allows full flexibility to direct traffic to the right partners for the right subscribers at the right time to maximise revenue. For example steering VIP high data users to LTE networks but IOT to lower cost 2G/3G network.

No compromises for customer experience

Aggressively meeting steering targets and forcing customers always to preferred networks is often not optimum for revenue and certainly not for customer satisfaction. The product has a number of features to optimise the customer experience whilst meeting roaming targets. Damped steering avoids unnecessary steering and we avoid steering that overrides manual selection. Our “free pass” feature reduces steering where this risks delivering a poor network quality, or delay in acquiring network for consumers such as on fast moving trains or on the borders of coverage, and achieves targets by steering others.

GSMA compliant

We also use GSMA recommended standard codes for steering and we ensure we can deal with the full variety of message sequences. This reduces the likelihood of any handset or network issues.

We don’t offer systems that are specifically designed to frustrate legitimate steering of roaming systems, even though we have had many requests for such a service. We feel it would be unfair to you if we supplied you with a steering system and offered an anti-steering system to a competitor. We do offer capability to detect and block anti-steering.

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