Virtual Home Environment

Virtual Home Environment (VHE) is designed to help subscribers, especially inexperienced subscribers, to use their phone as easily as possible whilst roaming. It does this by correcting numbers dialled by the roamer.

Studies indicate that 40% or more of roamers never actually make a call. They also show that 6% of roaming calls are never completed. Failure of call completion can lead to roamers being discouraged from attempting to make further calls.

One of the most important numbers to correct is the one used by roamers to access their voice mail. Voice mail messages stimulate return calls. Often these are international calls. This can therefore have a major effect on roaming revenue. Easy access to customer service is also important and helps the subscriber to resolve any roaming issues quickly and easily.

In addition to correcting specific network short code numbers, the system can manage general numbers that the user might have dialled without, for example, using the appropriate international access codes. If the dialled number does not “make sense” in the local numbering plan, Virtual Home Environment can automatically “correct” it.

The Evolved Intelligence solution utilises a progressive numbering scheme. First it monitors the behaviour of roamers. For outbound roamers by the countries that they visit and for inbound roamers by their country of origin. This highlights the classes of numbers which are most commonly, genuinely, misdialled. Flexible rules are then applied to create a number correction. This approach delivers the greatest level of correction of actual errors.

Key Benefits

  • All inbound and outbound roamers are offered the service
  • The service is available to all operator partners with and without CAMEL connections
  • Pre-paid and post-paid subscribers are covered
  • All short code and typical dialled number issues are resolved
  • Virtual Home Environment can boost roaming ARPU and revenue by 2-5%
  • Increased customer satisfaction and reduced churn
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