Welcome SMS

Helps your roaming customers:

  • To realise that they are roaming and be aware the tariffs that apply
  • Understand how to phone home and how to access voice mail and other key services

This helps avoid bill shock and helps customers understand how to access services and the costs involved. This therefore gives them the confidence to make calls, use data and ultimately generate revenue.

Keep Your Customer Informed

The cost of using the phone, the number to dial to call home and the way to access key services may all be unknown to your roaming subscriber, both inbound and outbound. The result may be an inability or reluctance to use roaming services. This loses you, and your roaming partner, valuable revenue.

The Evolved Intelligence Welcome Messaging application is specifically designed to help you keep your subscribers informed about all of these issues. It can also help you to comply with regulatory requirements to advise roamers of the charges that they need to pay whilst abroad.

It does this by allowing you to send three different types of message:

  1. Welcome message to out-bound roamers when they register on a foreign network
  2. Welcome message to in-bound roamers when they register on your network
  3. Welcome Home message to out-bound roamers when they return to your network

The system is driven by sophisticated logic which allows you to send the right message, at the right time, in the right language and without sending unnecessary and annoying messages. Welcome Messaging is one of the simplest and most effective methods to boost your outbound roaming revenue.

How It Works

The Welcome Messaging system detects the arrival, either inbound or outbound, of a roaming subscriber. The service can be triggered by either a voice or a data update location message. The service then decides what action to take based upon a number of parameters. These can include:

  • The roamers location (by VLR, operator, country or charging zone)
  • The roamer’s IMSI
  • The interval since the last visit
  • The services used by the roamer
  • The roamer’s preferred language

Typical content might include:

  • Roaming tariff information
  • Notification of home country/network short code support when roaming with registered network (if available in visited network)
  • Local help and assistance numbers (if available)
  • Details of other operator provided services (if available)
  • Notification that the Welcome Message is free
  • An enquiry about quality of service whilst roaming


The Evolved Intelligence Welcome Messaging service supports every language (as defined in ISO639).

It can send messages in different languages based on the IMSI number of the recipient. It can also use different languages in the same message or send the same message twice but in different languages.

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