Signalling Firewall

At Evolved Intelligence we believe that a firewall to manage malicious signalling going into and out of your network is essential. The signalling firewall protects brand reputation and subscribers privacy. It protects against fraud, lost revenue, fines and claims for damages. Regulators aware of the threat posed to national communication networks are asking operators to ensure adequate protection is in place.

Evolved Intelligence Signalling Firewall

Signalling Firewall from Evolved Intelligence gives you powerful and flexible protection against malicious signalling.

Evolved Intelligence’s Signalling Firewall monitors both inbound and outbound messaging traffic and identifies suspicious messages and originators. It not only looks at the individual messages but also at sequences of messages, timing, context, volumes and a variety of other parameters. Then, in real time, under the control of flexible rules, Signalling Firewall blocks, diverts or manipulates these messages. Evolved Intelligence provide an SS7 Firewall and an LTE/Diameter Firewall.

The Evolved Intelligence Signalling Firewall is a result of our experience in both telecoms and banking. Every day we process 10 billion messages which has given us deep insight into the types of signalling message dialogues and manipulated parameters that might be legitimately used by a range of applications. We have also learned to detect various types of fraud and we have provided secure communications for banks by using proactive signalling to detect fraudulent activity. This knowledge and experience means we are uniquely placed to offer signalling firewall.

As with our other services, Signalling Firewall can be delivered as a remote hosted service using Evolved Intelligence’s unique Network Interface Function or via our signalling partners.

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