Our Technologies

To be able to deliver a range of new and effective features within our product range, we have developed a number of completely new concepts and technologies. These provide innovation in deployment, integration and operation as well as in functionality.

In particular we have developed technologies which enable the remote hosting and management of network based applications. These include devices called NIFs (Network Interface Functions) which can monitor, block, divert, modify and generate network signalling under the control of remote servers.

We have also developed technology which is capable of acting across the signalling stack and across multiple network elements. This gives our solutions a universality and effectiveness of application that is missing from most other value added service provider solutions.

Overview of the EI Platform

Our unique ENGINE architecture delivers cloud based telco grade high performance, high availability, value added services. This allows you to be agile in delivering new services. Services that might not have been cost effective to implement now become viable.

ENGINE is a multi-service and multi-tenant application. A single ENGINE platform can support multiple operators and multiple applications. This provides economies of scale in CAPEX and OPEX.

This means that we can provide remote hosted applications for operators, sharing costs across many applications and many operators. It also means that groups of operators can have their own central hosted service, pooling resources and expertise, whilst enabling local customisation.

The NIF provides a local network interface which connects through our cloud API to the application server anywhere in the world. The NIF makes accessible to value added services all layers of the signalling stack and all protocols and is simple and flexible to integrate as a passive or active component. This gives ultimate flexibility in the services that can be created.

NIFs are already installed in several of the major interconnect providers. This means that their customers can access many of Evolved Intelligence applications without needing to install any additional hardware or software into their networks. This makes the applications even quicker to deploy and even more cost effective. ENGINE is multi-tenant and multi-service by design running on standard off the shelf hardware, but both the NIF and the application can run in a virtualised environment if required.

Evolved Intelligence offers a number of existing applications on the ENGINE platform, but our service logic environment enables new services to be created in a few weeks. We also offer a rules engine for EI or customers to develop rules for creating simple services or creating rules to trap new fraud and security concerns quickly and easily. Our architecture allows operators to deploy network applications at a much lower cost than ever before. It means that previously unaffordable applications can now be deployed to improve the control of roaming business, to boost customer experience and to improve network security.