We are a Bristol-based technology company specializing in roaming value added services, fraud and security solutions, and analytics for mobile telecoms operators and signalling providers world-wide. We offer a proven, multi-protocol SS7 and Diameter Signalling Firewall, which is currently enabling over 50 operators including two Tier 1 European groups.

We pride ourselves on our unique architecture and flexible implementation options. Our solutions are powered by our innovative ENGINE platform which allows network intelligence to be remotely sited from the network core. This enables a range of multi-tenant, remotely hosted solutions. Whether you prefer remote hosted applications, bespoke solutions or a platform for your own developments, we may have the answer.

Evolved Intelligence are innovators and experts in roaming, fraud and security solutions. We have a long and successful history of solving problems for our customers using our innovative approach to IN architecture, cloud based managed services and a range of patented solutions which resolve problems such as accidental border roaming and telco banking fraud.

We have a real depth of experience and industry knowledge which we use to give our customers a competitive edge. Our team have been leaders in innovative telecommunications – researching digital mobile and writing the first GSM standards, designing and implementing the first prepay systems, launching mobile internet services, rolling out the first 1800MHz UK network and developing the world leading Network Interface Function (NIF), integrated with all main different vendor networks.

Awards and Industry Recognition

2017 Security Solution of the Year, Global Telecoms Awards

2018 Best Mobile Authentication and Security Solution, Global Mobile Awards