Our Senior Team

Paul Gill, General Manager Security Business Unit

Paul has over 20 years’ experience at director level in software and mobile telecoms start-ups. A qualified Chartered Accountant, Paul’s first telecoms start-up was in the late 1980s with Cognito, a licensed mobile data operator. Following a strategic decision by the parent company to divest, Paul led a successful management buy-out in 1992. Cognito is still operating in the mobile data sector today.

In 1995 Paul joined Dave Edwards at Aethos Communication Systems, initially as CFO and then, having successfully completed a “B” round funding, as COO. Together with Dave Edwards and Steve Buck, Paul led the growth of Aethos and its successful sale to Logica. Paul remained with Logica for the next 6 years, initially as General Manager of the EMEA region for Logica’s product business, and then as Divisional Director of the Radio Planning business.

In 2004 Paul was head hunted to join another mobile telecoms start up, Apertio. Again progressing from CFO to COO, Paul was involved in the strategy and growth of the business, leading a major “B” round financing, and ultimately the sale of the business to Nokia Siemens Networks for £110M.

Paul remained with NSN for 2 years, as Head of Global Program Management, until joining Evolved Intelligence in July 2010 as CEO

Steve Buck, SVP Products & Operations, Security Business Unit

Steve has over 30 years’ experience in mobile telecoms in engineering and marketing roles for both equipment manufacturers and mobile operators. He has experience of fraud, identity and risk products for enterprises including banks, retailers, public sector and other verticals.

In the 1980s Steve worked for Racal Research (which spawned Vodafone) doing R&D for what was to become GSM technology. He developed the hardware and real time software for the UK testing of the technology –making the first GSM call in the UK in 1986. He joined Motorola in 1988 leading the definition of the GSM standards for phase 1 and 2 into the early 90s, heading up Motorola’s GSM firmware development and managing the development of new base stations.

He joined Dave and Paul at Aethos in early 1995 as product director, running marketing, product management and development; supporting several tens of millions of prepay subscribers. Logica acquired Aethos in 1998. Steve continued to lead prepay delivering the first network solution for prepay messaging and subsequently ran product management for MMS for Logica.

Steve was VP Products for T-Mobile (UK) from 2004 to 2009 launching a number of innovative and prize winning services including the first true mobile internet service in the UK. Steve joined NSN (Nokia networks) in 2009 where he ran the $200M customer experience business. After a brief stint with Amdocs in OSS, Steve ran Product Management for Equifax, a credit reference agency, selling risk, fraud and identity solutions to a variety of enterprises including banks, financial institutions, retailers, telecom operators, and public sector organisations. Steve joined Evolved Intelligence in 2015.

Nick Jones Director Systems Engineering, Security Business Unit

Nick has over 20 years’ experience in a variety of software engineering roles. Prior to joining Evolved Intelligence Nick was Vice President of architecture and new product development at LogicaCMG in their telecoms division, specialising in Intelligent Networks and mobile prepay systems. He has also worked on Artificial Intelligence research at Philips Research Laboratories, retail banking for Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong and as an Advanced Systems Engineer he devised safety-critical medical diagnostic systems for EDS.

At LogicaCMG Nick was responsible for setting up agile, collaborative R&D projects with major operators and defining the new product strategy of mobile payments. He is credited with the invention of Intelligent Charging and its development in collaboration with Vodafone.

Peter Blackie, VP Sales, Security Business Unit

With a background in software development Peter has more than fifteen years’ of global sales experience in telecom and other high technology markets working for companies such as Fraser Williams, IPL, ADC Metrica and Sensustech.

Peter has specialised in the collaborative development of innovative projects and has worked with a range of companies including O2, Orange and the Royal Mail. In doing so Peter has also focused on the business benefits of each project. He strongly believes that any project must deliver tangible business benefits if it is to be worth doing.

He has specialised in the development of new, high growth companies. His time at ADC Metrica and Actix saw the companies grow from small, entrepreneurial organisations to market dominating players with multi-million pound turnovers. Peter has worked in partner management, account management, business development and troubleshooting roles.

Mark Greening, Director of Engineering, Security Business Unit

Mark has over 20 years of experience in building real time and parallel processing systems. At LogicaCMG Mark was responsible for the architectural evolution of the main prepay voice product. He was also the lead architect for Intelligent Charging, LogicaCMG’s new flagship product.

His main area of expertise is in the design of robust, scalable and highly performant telecoms product architecture that interacts with multiple external systems within a mobile network, and in the leadership of teams to implement that architecture. Mark is highly experienced in Java, C++ , UNIX, JAIN, CORBA and a number of telecoms protocols.  He has also led collaborative R&D projects with Vodafone in the area of advanced prepay systems; working with data services as part of Vodafone’s Intelligent Packet Core programme.  He was also the lead architect from the payments division on a major project with Vodafone in the area of Service Data Points.

Prior to LogicaCMG Mark worked on the design and implementation of a pioneering real time 3D visualisation system for the motor and aerospace industries, at a company called Division.  He started his career at INMOS working on the development of the multi threaded Transputer processor.